Animal-assisted therapy


(AAT) is a type of therapy
that involves an animal with specific characteristics becoming an
fundamental part of a person’s treatment. Animal-assisted therapy is
designed to improve the physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive
functioning of the patient, as well as provide educational and
motivational effectiveness for participants. AAT can be provided on an
individual or group basis. During AAT, therapists document records and
evaluate the participant’s progress.

Many kinds of animals are used in therapy, including dogs, cats, birds, dolphins, rabbits, lizards, and other small animals. AAT with horses is known as equine-assisted therapy or therapeutic horseback riding.


People who have pets benefit in various ways, for example, comfort of physical contact with animals, reducing loneliness,
and increased opportunities for meeting others, via the pets. In
addition, caring for pets encourages nurturance, responsibility, and
adherence to a daily schedule.

Further reading

  • Howie, Ann R., (2000). The Human-Animal Health Connection Pet Partners Team Training Course Manual 5th Ed. Delta Society, Renton, WA.

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  1. C’est bien a voir un blog qui parle de la therapie assiste par l’animal!

    Program Coordinator/Coordinatrice de la programmation
    Chimo Animal Assisted Therapy

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