[MP3] Napster, Emusic and Naras


8 March 2001 17:02 by dRD
Napster has been finally beaten by American justice system and of course other, much weaker opponents than RIAA, are willing to take their bucks out of Napster.

EMusic, almost-out-of-nasdaq pennystock Internet music retailer, filed a lawsuit against Napster today for contributory and vicarious copyright infringement and unfair competition.

« For over six months, Napster Inc. has flatly rejected our requests to filter out and effectively block EMusic tracks from being traded on their system without our permission, » EMusic CEO whined in his statement.

« Napster’s ability to quickly implement such a filtering system over this past weekend shows the company’s true motive — to unfairly build a business upon the copyrighted works of others, » he added.

Other vulture, called NARAS, company which helds annual Grammy awards, filed their own lawsuit against Napster because their much-hyped upcoming live recording of this year’s Grammy gala « is threatened » by Napster because fans could download the audiotracks almost immediately after the gala from the service. Of course this is a big deal for them, because everybody’s speaking about the Sir Elton John & Eminem performance.

Otherwise I wouldn’t complain about these lawsuits that much, but their timing shows nothing but extreme calculation and need to benefit from other similiar lawsuits. Someone spills a coffee over himself and gets $1M from McDonald’s, suddenly everybody are spilling their coffees at Mac… Weird, isn’t it?

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