[LGBT] ’07 good vibes are coming!

  • It’s a LGBT event, although it’s hetero-friendly
  • It’s a initiative organized by ,Entre Vírgulas, – the company has
    concerts and events’ production as its main activity, as well as being
    the exclusive agent of Brazilian artists, divulging its booked artists
    and managing their careers in Portugal (Continent and Islands).
  • This was organized in order to fulfill a void for this kind of LGBT event in the city of Lisbon.
  • It was the first LGBT/Hetero-friendly party to be openly divulged,
    through outdoor posters and flyers, distributed in Lisbon and Oporto.
  • Lesboa Party is
    already considered part of Lisbon’s cultural and social life, always
    managing to attract and please it’s main audience.
  • We want to organize such an event every two/three months.
  • The place for the events is always carefully selected: either for the view or the infrastructure (palaces, monasteries, etc)
  • In the first edition, held on September 30th 2006, we had an audience of 1.500 people.
  • In our second edition, held on December 2nd 2006, although a little bit less, we had an audience of 1.200 people.
  • 3rd edition, held on February 17th 2007, a theme party, due to Carnival festivities, had an audience of 1.700 people.
  • 4th edition, held on May 5th 2007, had an audience of 1.600 people. A party with a special DJ set from EZgirl featuring Amy Ziff.
  • Through these numbers we can estimate a medium rate for each party, which only proves the visibility of this event.
  • In December 2006, the new format of Lesboa Party, in it’s 2nd
    edition, starts hosting a live opening show, along with live sets from
    nationally and internationally renowned DJs.
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