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Pioneering Compendium From  First Major « Gay »
Label   Includes   New Music From The Gossip,  Kirsten Price , Ivri
Lider, Jonathan Mendelsohn & Wamdue Project, God-Des & She,  
Sarah Bettens,  Adam Joseph, Dylan Rice, Tangela Bell, Jesse O, and
Levi Kreis

« Revolutions » Available Tuesday, April 17

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Music With A Twist/Columbia Records will release Twist Revolutions,
the inaugural collection of new music and emerging artists from Music
With A Twist, the music industry’s pioneering first major LGBT
(lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) record label. Revolutions will be available Tuesday, April 17.

Revolutions serves as the opening
manifesto of an increasingly visible audience and the launch pad for
some of the most vital and important new voices in the gay community. 
Rebellious and compassionate in spirit, Revolutions
demolishes cultural stereotypes to reveal the range of musical
diversity and social concerns from an extraordinary line-up of emerging
artists raising musical consciousness to whole new levels.

Revolutions gives adventurous music
fans a chance to join the vanguard of some of the most exciting and
expansive directions in pop culture today.

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Revolutions – tracklisting

The Gossip – Standing In The Way Of Control
Sarah Bettens – Come Over Here
Ivri Lider – Jesse
Jonathan Mendelsohn & Wamdue Project – Forgiveness
Kirsten Price – Magic Tree
God-Des & She – Love You Better
Adam Joseph – Flow With My Soul
Dylan Rice – The Lie
Tangela Bell – Addiction
Jesse O – I Think I’m Falling In Love
Levi Kreis – I Should Go

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