[VIDEO] Darshan Mata Amritanandamayi


[DVD] Darshan Mata Amritanandamayi

a Jan Kounen film 2005 1H30
Production > France Germany Japan

Amma, who is frequently called the Indian Divine Mother, will celebrate her 50th birthday in September 2003. In India, Amma is considered to be a Saint.

This woman, who comes originally from a humble background, finances today more than 25,000 homes for women, mobile medical camps, as well as the Amrita Institute of Medical Science an Research Hospital (AIMS), which stands out as one of the best hospitals in India. She also manages orphanages and many schools. She finances her programmes with the donations that are collected during the celebrations (Puja, Homa, Bhajan, Darshan, Devi Bhava) that she organizes through the world. Her initiatives are appraised even in our western world (she was awarded the « Gandhi-King prize for non-violence » in October 2002).

On the occasion of her fiftieth birthday, more than a hundred thousand people will gather for an exceptional four-day celebration, in Koshi, in Kerala, in the South of India.

The film will more particularly focus on the celebration of the Darshan, during which Amma will be hugging several thousand people one by one, for more than 10 hours at a stretch.

But what is « really » happening or going on, during this embrace_? Jan Kounen

Mātā Amritanandamayī Devi

(Devanagiri Malayalam; born September 27, 1953) is an Indian spiritual leader revered as a saint by her followers, who also know her as « Amma », « Ammachi » or « Mother ». She is a widely respected humanitarian and called by some « the hugging saint ».


Amritanandamayi is known to the world media as ‘the hugging saint’. She offers hugs to everyone who approaches her and in India she has been known to individually hug over 50,000 people in a day, sitting sometimes for over 20 hours.[5]Worldwide, Amritanandamayi is said to have hugged at least 30 million people in the past 30 years.[6]

« Darshan – The Embrace », a film on the life of Amritanandamayi was officially selected for showcasing at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Jan Kounen, an award winning filmmaker who was born in Netherlands and is based in France, directed the film. Manuel De La Roche of France, is the producer. Jan Kounen and his crew began shooting the footage for the film in 2003 during Amritavarsham50,[7] Amritanandamayi’s 50th birthday celebrations in Kochi. The team also traveled with Amritanandamayi on her Indian and International tours in order to complete the movie. About the film, Kounen says, « when I first took up the project and started filming, I thought, ‘Amma is a good person, doing good things, in turn I can do something good for her’. But as it went on, I realized, no, I am the one who is receiving the gift ».[8]

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