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Au Kenya, là où vit Kaia, une femme est violée toutes les demi-heures. La police a l’habitude de faire la sourde oreille, ce qui isole plus encore les jeunes victimes et renforce l’idée que le viol est toléré.  

thanks to Marie for this post x gabsMarie Lupang added this Video. January 09, 2008. This is my 1st forward ever on facebook but this is an important footage. Take your time to watch but please be warned of graphic images. Have heart… From: khalilio In this moving video, Heather Mills McCartney exposes the cruelties […]

(5 day painting workshop) This painting workshop is aimed at the serious amateur who wants to learn a comprehensive understanding of painting technique after just a few days whilst also having plenty of time to explore one of the most exciting cities in the world. Time is divided equally between the studio and the city, […]

From The Times June 14, 2007 by Fay Schopen A nice cuppa brewed on fair trade Cristina Talens, an ethical trading manager, on why her company takes corporate social responsibility seriously There isn’t an immediate link between toasted teacakes and human rights in Guatemala, but Cristina Talens bridges the divide. She started her working life […]

NetSquared Innovation Fund Award: Vote for Geekcorps Now! 9 April 2007 in News by Geekcorps The moulin, the Geekcorps answer to distributing the Wikipedia offline, is a nominee in TechSoup’s NetSquared Project Innovation Fund Award, which seeks twenty innovative projects that utilize social web technology to create societal impact. The top twenty vote getters will […]